Top ten skillsets diesel mechanics must have:

Safety-conscious: Diesel mechanics must follow all safety procedures to prevent accidents and/or injuries from happening. Safety first requires using proper tools for the job, always wearing protective gear, keeping work areas clean and organized, being mindful of teammates and other personnel.

Eagerness to learn: Continued training and development is necessary to keep up with changing technology and the evolution of engines. Training can come through certificates, or learning from more experienced mechanics.

Math Skills: Diesel mechanics need to have a firm grasp of basic calculations, decimals, and fractions which are important to everyday work.

Tech savvy: Approximately half of a diesel mechanic’s day involves using a computer to run diagnostics, read troubleshooting codes and run various tests on engines or fuel systems. Using computer programs gives Mechanics and service techs the information they need to perform their job.

Critical Thinking: You can’t rely solely on diagnostic tools to help you in your job. Some issues will require you to step back and evaluate the entire situation that is happening at any given time.

Attention to detail: Good mechanics deal with complex pieces of machinery and must have a sharp eye for little issues that can turn into larger problems down the road such as lose wires or missing bolts.

Patience: There are often unforeseen circumstances when working on engines and machinery. Small issues to really large issues can create a setback and will take patience to work through it. It’s important to maintain composure especially when dealing with a customer over unanticipated issues.

Communication Skills: Mechanics primarily work on engines or machinery, but generally work with other team members and interact with a variety of people on a regular basis. The ability to communicate is vital when explaining technical terms to people who do not understand them. Part of communicating is also listening.

Physical Strength & Stamina: Diesel mechanics have a physically tasking job which often requires standing for long periods of time, working in hot and cramped spaces, and lifting heavy parts or tools. It’s important to stay fit and get plenty of rest to keep up with the physical demands.

Dexterity: Diesel mechanics need a steady hand and matching hand-eye coordination for disassembling engine parts, connecting or attaching components, and using hand tools.